May you find Peace my Brother

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This is what I wrote to read at my brother's funeral but like usual I could not see through the tears.

My Brother John
God brought John into this world on November 29, 1959. On May 23, 1960 God brought John into Mom & Dad’s Life. God found a place for him. He was my Roman numeral two (II) brother. He was the 2nd boy and I was the 2nd girl. Which meant on hand-me-downs that meant we just added another slash to Jeff & Jane’s Roman numeral one.

I would like to share with you about John and Prayer.
During the last month of his life Prayer came back into his life. It was a subject that I had never discussed with him before. We were raised with prayer and God in our life but we never talked about it. In early May, John, Mom, Jane, Jacob and myself were able to attend “Family Night” here at the church. We had no clue what “Family night” was all about. We soon learned it was about creating a family prayer.
“Families that Pray together stay together”
Little did we know just weeks later we would be praying our buns off. Having Mom in one hospital and John in another. I posted on Twitter & Facebook requesting people & PRAYER WARRIORS to pray for both Mom & John.
It put to test what we as a family had just learned and shared about prayer.
I would like to take a moment and read a passage from a book. It’s a conversation with Jesus. The Book reads as if Jesus is carrying a conversation with you asking you questions
“Do you feel the urge to ask me a favor for someone?”
Tell me his or her name.
Perhaps there are several:”
Your spouse, your parents, your brothers and sisters, or certain friends who need help.
Don’t hesitate to tell me what you want for them.
Ask for plenty; don’t be afraid.
I love generous souls who forget themselves in their desire to help others.
Speak to me very simply and plainly of the poor you would like to console,
of the sick you would like to relieve,
of the “Lost Sheep” you would like to bring back…

Last Wednesday as I was praying over in Mary’s Chapel at about 10 o’clock at night. I was asking for God to help my brother. Help in him battle the long road a head of him. Give him the strength. Help him find his way.

Later that week on Friday we were gathered in John’s hospital room: John, Mom, Jane and myself. John was having a conversation of what he wanted to do with his life. We were preparing for him to be released from the hospital. He had asked for forgiveness from us all. As we talked he told us that he wanted to share with others what “Addictions” can do to ones self. He talked about going back to church. He wanted to talk to a priest. Deacon Scotty was able to get over to him later that night and gave him the “Anointing of the Sick”.

The following day Saturday a priest was able to go and meet with my brother and hear his confession. My brother had made peace with himself, his family and he had found his way back to GOD.

On Sunday after he shared some time with others who came to visit and after he ate dinner of a burger with my Sister. He found the ultimate peace and is now with God. Our Brother John had past away. We knew he was at peace.

In the following days after his death many people who had been praying for my brother and my family shared words of sympathy and condolences: From Family, friends, Twitterers, Facebook friends, Republicans, Democrats and many more. Yes John even Democrats were praying for you.

A friend summed it up best with this:
“Please accept my deepest sympathies.
No Longer will your brother feel the torment of demons which consumed him.”

I would like to let everyone know that John gave the ultimate gift he was able to be an Organ donor.

My brother John had an amazing LAUGH and he had amazing carrying hands. I got to hold them in the last few weeks of his life. He was always there to lend a hand to anyone who needed it. From Moving from one end of California to the other end. From digging fence posts and helping Dad too helping Mom with the dishes after a family gathering. John was always there for us. From having to take his baby sister to the March Meets Too taking his daughter to Anime conventions or My Chemical Romance concerts. He was a big brother when I needed “Big Brother Protection”. He was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and was not afraid to share it and debate it with you and any level.

To Jessica: You were the world to your father. You were his everything. I want to make a promise to you. Grandma, Grandpa, Jane, Jeff & I will always be here for you. If you ever need to talk, advice or just need a purple streak in your hair. We will be there for you Jessica.

To Jane: You were there for John. I thank God you were there the morning he had his stroke and were able to take care of him. As you know “I hate hospitals”. Give me the job of contacting everyone that’s me in the hallway or outside the hospital on the phone taking care of things. Jane you were there for John in ways Jeff nor I could be. You guys were more then just roommates. You guys took care of each other. Jane: Jeff & I promise to be there for you Jane if you ever need us.

In closing I would like to say: We’ve lost a son, brother, father and dear friend but know that he is now up in heaven with God and our sister Paula. And he is now at Peace.

I would like to invite everyone while over at the HALL to share stories of John & his life. Laugh like he did, always and loudly. Thank you!

I love you and miss you John.
Love your baby sister!

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