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Several months ago as I was coming back to the Catholic church I wrote down several questions that I was going to ask several of my friends. They are simple questions but I thought it was a great way to get reconnected with old and new friends through religion. So as the list of questions grew so did the people I wanted to ask the questions to.

One of the first people I asked was my youngest son God-Father. The one person that I really felt could understand my questions. The next was a friend that I had become acquainted with through my knitting several years previous but hadn't seen each other in ages. She actually was also returning to the Catholic church as well after 40+ years. We both kind of buddied up as our Journey began coming back to the church.

The next few people I asked were individuals I had just met. They were part of a ministry that I had gotten involved in at the church. It was fantastic insight. I didn't just leave it to Catholic, I also discussed them with a very dear friend who was raised Jehovah Witness. With him it felt more of a debate then anything. Which was fine I was looking for really anything other then the comfort of discussing my faith, my belief, my religion with him. I have several more friends to ask the question to I just haven't found the time. But beleive me I will.

As I was reflecting on this Lenten season and the coming to an end, I thought I would post them here if anyone wanted to share their answers with me feel free to leave me a comment.

Questions about Your Faith & Your Religion
(Most of the individuals I asked were Catholic so it is directed as so you are Catholic)

1. What does Religion mean to you?
2. What does the Catholic Church mean to you?
3. Have you explored the idea of other religions? (If so what did you find out?)
4. Why do you go to church?
5. Tell me about prayer? (How? When? Why?)
6. What do you get from your faith?
7. What are you feelings about Saints? (Do you have a favorite or patron saint?)
8. What is your feeling about Angels? (Do you believe in or have a guardian angel?)
9. What is your favoirte Bible verse or chapter?
10. What is your favorite prayer?
11. Tell me a story of your adventure with church. (Optional)
12. Anything else you might want to add or ask?
**13. What is your belief on Abortion? (Optional: This question was optional only because I am one that has a firm belief in the Pro-Life movement but don't want to get into a heated debate, so I left this one as optional.)

If you are intersted in discussing this with me in detail and don't want to leave your answers via a comment, let me know and I will give you my email address so we can corrispond via that or you can always DM me on Twitter . I look forward to you response.

Thank you!


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