Living Beyond Yourself - My Beginning! - Day 1

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Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore

Here is my current Bible Study, as some would say a Book Study but this is what my soul needs.

I started Beth Moore's - Living Beyond Yourself - 10 Week Bible Study last week and I am so excited to get through it. I am amazed at how this study has hit home in some many ways. I never knew just how a study could talk to your heart. It's as if God is writing it as I go through my struggles. I guess this is exactly what we are going to be learning about, the actions of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I hope to be able to post as I work my way through this study. I took a moment and stepped away from all my studies to grieve the loss of my brother. I so need to be feed by the word of God! I can only hope what this Bible Study will bring to me.

On another note: to all those who wanna call this a Book study and not a Bible study. I try to understand your point of view but I can say this. If a person opens any Bible, whether it be NIV, NLT, KJV, NAB, RSV, etc... it is all Bible Study. If a book guides you to open the Bible then I would call it a Bible Study. Look at the positive not the negative!


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